Recipe Ideas

Easy Lunch Ideas to Help You Power Through the Work Week

Take the stress out of lunch with these delicious and healthy meal ideas that can be prepared in advance or in the microwave at work.

Open-Faced Egg Sandwich with Hummus and Avocado—Hard boil a week's worth of eggs in advance and assemble this delicious open face sandwich right at work.

Breakfast Burrito—This is an easy one to make at work. Just use a microwave egg cooker to prepare the eggs, and then wrap it up with cheese, salsa and lettuce. Enjoy!

Egg Salad Sandwich—This classic sandwich is the perfect workweek lunch. Make a big batch on Sunday and eat it throughout the week.

BLT Egg Wrap—If you like eggs with your bacon for breakfast, you’ll love eggs with bacon for lunch. This BLT (or should we say “BELT”) makes a great midday meal. For a leaner option, enjoy with bacon style turkey.

Spinach and Cheddar Frittata in a Mug—Make this mug-lunch right at work! On Monday, bring eggs, spinach, and cheese for a whole week's worth of lunches.

Spinach Dill Soup with Soft Boiled Eggs—Make a big batch of soup one night for dinner and take the leftovers for lunch for the rest of the week. The eggs can be made in advance and peeled just before you eat!

Pack and Go Salad—Salads make a great weekday lunch. Keep a bottle of low-fat dressing in the fridge at work so all you have to do is toss ingredients together the night before. Spinach salad is a great lunch during the summer months. Cook the eggs over the weekend and keep refrigerated for quick lunch prep on busy weeknights.

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