Meet Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers: Stan Fehr

Saskatchewan 2nd Generation Egg Farmers

Ever since Stan’s ancestors arrived in Hague, Saskatchewan in 1870, the Fehrs have been farmers. They started out producing grains and raising cattle, and in the early 1950s they started focusing more on chickens and specializing in egg production.

In recent years, eggs have become the farm’s focus—and with over 60,000 hens to care for, Stan Fehr takes all the help he can get. Luckily his children and grandchildren are always willing to lend a hand. “It’s a real blessing to see the next generation getting involved with the farm,” Stan says.

Looking back at his family’s 140 years of farming history, Stan has great pride in what Fehr Venture Farm has become. “We’ve never been more productive,” he says, “and the quality of our eggs has never been higher.”